Dragon Fable Hints

Dragon Fable Hints: Home of the HEALTH RESTORE!

Some Cool Items:

Necrotic Sword of Doom: Lvl. 20, Damage 35-55 Darkness, Rarity 25, Crit +2, Int +1, Dex +1, Str +1, Only Available With Bulk Purchase of Dragon Coins.

Master Cor-Demi Codex: Lvl. 20, Damage 40-50 Melee, Rarity 1, Crit +3, Costs Dragon Coins, Found in Cysero's Shop: Weapons Section.

Kathool Adept Armor: Lvl. 20, Rarity 1, Costs Dragon Coins, Found in Cysero's Shop: Misc. Section.

King Linus: Lvl. 19, Damage 2-16 Ice, Rarity 19, Crit +3, Must MERGE to Obtain, Found in Cysero's Shop Misc. and Gram's pet shop. 

Chain of Endurance: Lvl. 10, Dodge +1, End +3, Special Shops Only

Band of Intelligence: Lvl. 10, Dodge +1, Int +3, Special Shops Only

Ursus Branch: Lvl. 25, Damage 40-50 Wood, Bonus +1, Int +2, End +1, Crit +1, Player Suggestion Shop: Serenity's Inn

Legendary Magma Dagger: Lvl. 5, Damage 4-32, Rarity 1, Oaklore Keep Shop: Non-Dragon Amulet

Hydra's Woe: Lvl. 5, Damage 14-26, Rarity 0, Crit +1, Melee Def +1, Oaklore Keep Shop: Non-Dragon Amulet

Super Broom of Light: This item is a legendary broom of light found in the closet at Oaklore Keep, the closet says Lvl. 999 only, which is impossible as the level cap is around 60. 

Cysero's Hamserclysm: Damage 45-55 ???, Rarity 10, Dodge +1, Crit +2, Magic Def +1, Melee Def +1, End +3, Costs Dragon Coins, Found in Cysero's Shop: Weapons Section: Clashening DC Shop.

DOOM WEAPONS: These weapons can be upgraded and purified, you originally buy them from the stranger outside of Falconreach.

Tea Leaf Shroud: Lvl. 12, Rarity 9, Cha +1, Luk +1, Int +2, Str +2, Bonus +4, Special Shops Only

Death Ivy Dagger III: Lvl. 59, Damage 68-82 Disease, Rarity 5, Crit +5, Magic Def +4, Melee Def +4, Wis +6, End +6, Dex +4, Bonus +1, Player Suggestion Shop: Serenity's Inn.

Platinum Twistedtooth Bear Claw: Lvl. 50, Damage 63-73 Silver, Rarity 15, Crit +6, End +6, Cha +3, Dex +6, Bonus +4, Lim's Weapon Shop: Shop. 

Rip Tide: Lvl. 20, Damage 36-44 Water, Rarity 1, Parry +2, Melee Def +3, Dex +1, Str +1, Bonus +1, Locker Weapon Shop: Follow signs labeled MARKET first shop: marked with sword sign.

Desert Concealment Wrap: Lvl 32, Damage NONE, Rarity 7, Dodge +1, Crit +3, Melee Def +2, Dnd +5, Luk +2, Int +5, Str +5, Bonus +2, Sandsea Helm Shop: Continue left until you see a shop with a helm sign.

Liberty Wings: Lvl. 26, Damage NONE, Rarity 50, Crit +2, Magic Def +1, Melee Def +1, Wis +3, End +3, Int +2, Dex +2, Str +2, Bonus +2, Liberty Shop: Click on button in Falconreach. LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Mighty 100K Scythe: Lvl. 50, Damage 63-75 Silver, Crit +4, End +5, Int +4, Dex +4, Str +4, Bonus +2, Ash Dragonblade: Falconreach, NEW: Cost 100,000 Gold. 

PoeLala: Lvl 25, Damage 0-0 Metal, Melee Def +5, Magic Def +5, Crit +5, Dodge +5, Block +5, Cysero's Shop: Pet's Section, NEW: Cost, 375 DC's (Dragon Coins).

Chronocape: Lvl 20, Damage 0-0 Metal, Crit +3, Magic Def +1, Melee Def +1, End +2, Cha +2, Int +3, Dex +3, Str +3, Bonus +2, Cysero's Misc. Orb Shop, NEW: Cost, 100 DC's (Dragon Coins).

More Recommended Items

Evolved Chickencow Armor: Lvl. 1 | Cysero's Shop: Misc. Section | 500 DC

GPSMKII (Gnomish Personal Steamtank MK II): Lvl. 1 | Propsprocket Shop | 1500 DC

Kathool Adept Armor: Lvl. 20 (best level 40+) | Cysero's Shop: Misc. Section | 1800 DC

Necrotic Sword of Doom: Lvl. 20 | Received with bulk purchase of DC

Master Cor-Demi Codex: Lvl. 20 | Cysero's Shop: Weapons Section | 70 DC

Staff of the Dragon Lord: Lvl. 20 | Lim's Shop: Dragonlord Items Section | 1000 Gold

Grand Guardian Helm: Lvl. 20 | Cysero's Shop: Helms/Wings Section | 210 DC

King Linus: Lvl. 19 | Pet Store | Merge Items one of Which Costs 90 DC

X-Boost Unlimited: Lvl 1 | Cysero's Shop: Misc. Section | 1000 DC

Ursus Branch: Lvl 25 | Player Suggestion Shop: Serenity's Inn | 1000 Gold

Cysero's Hamsterclysm: Lvl 25 | Cysero's Shop: Weapons Section: Clashening DC Shop | 243 DC

Tealeaf Shroud: Lvl 12 | Special Shop Only | Cost Unknown

Pilgrim's Band: Lvl 25 | Cysero's Shop: Misc. Section: Ring Shop | 200 DC

Dragondance: Lvl. 20 | Chinese New Year Special | Cost Unknown

Pigasus: Lvl 25 | Cysero's Shop: Pets Section | 45 DC

Bad Items

The only bad items in dragon fable are the X-boost 30 day 1 week and 1 day. If you want an X-Boost buy the X-boost unlimited for only 1,000 Dragon Coins. X-Boost unlimited gives 20% more exp. for each battle forever, the others only do it for a limited amount of time. Therefore, if you buy 30 day, 1 week, or 1 day, be sure to play a lot for that time. 


Attack and Attack Items


 Now the dragon fable attack screen has a hitch compared to say, Adventure Quest because it has no item tool you must go into the backpack where you may only equip certain things, armor cannot be equipped at any time on a quest and must be equipped as soon as you enter the game.

Player Suggestion Items

Go to Serenity's inn and click on her, she will have a talk button, click on it, next, click player suggestion shop. You will get all of the player suggestions. 

Your Own Recommended Items

We always welcome ideas for recommended items, but remember, if you submit, be sure to include everything about the item. You can submit using any of your ideas through the inbox on the admin member page.

Item Images

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Necrotic Sword of Doom:


Master CorDemi Codex:


Kathool Adept Armor:


King Linus:


Chain of Endurance: No Image

Band of Intelegence: No Image

Ursus Branch:


Ursus Branch (I, II, III)
Legendary Magma Dagger:
Hydra's Woe:
Super Broom of Light: No Image
Cysero's Hamsterclysm:
Doom Weapons: No Images
Tea Leaf Shroud:
Death Ivy Dagger:
Death Ivy Dagger (I, II, III)
 Platinum Twistedtooth Bear Claw:
Rip Tide: No Image
Desert Concealment Wrap: No Image
Liberty Wings: No Image
Mighty 100K Scythe:
100k Scythe (Big, Mighty, Mightier)
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