Dragon Fable Hints

Dragon Fable Hints: Home of the HEALTH RESTORE!

How to Attack



MAIN ATTACK: When it is your turn, a bar like the one shown above will appear. Depending on your level and class the smaller buttons will vary, but more on that later. Right now, all you have to worry about is the center "Attack" button. When this button is pressed, it will harness your weapon's power to do damage to your enemy.

WEAPONS: To view your weapon's statistics click on your backpack. While in the backpack, you can view the item descriptions and equip/unequip items.

PETS: When pets are equipped, they will do damage for you after your turn. 

SKILL BUTTONS: The buttons to the right and left of your "Attack" button are certain skills you can use. What they are depends on armor and your class. If you are of a lower level, not all of these buttons are available to you. The goal of these buttons is to assist you by playing your enemy's weakness, or by healing you. These skills cost mana, which is the blue bar next to your red health bar. 

ENEMY STATS: To view your enemy's weaknesses or other statistics, click on the question mark in the bottom right corner of their description box which displays their name, level, HP (Hit Points/Health), MP (Mana Points/Blue Bar) and class (Human, Elemental, Avian, etc.)

ITEMS: At the very edges of the screen are two bottles: a red one, and a purple one. The red one is a health potion which restores a partial amount of your health. You can increase how much health it restores by visiting the Health and Mana shops in Falconreach. The purple/blue bottle is a Mana Potion which restores some of your mana (the blue bar) allowing you to use more skills. 

Customizing Your Character


 Name:BM Moglin
 1000 Dragon Coins
 Gender:BM Moglin
 1000 Dragon Coins
 Class:BM Moglin
 500 Dragon Coins

Armor Color:

Armor Paint Room
 100 Gold

Barber Shop



*Note: Find BM Moglin between Mana and Health shops in Falconreach, he is a blue moglin with a black hat. 






B.M. (Black Market) Moglin

Oaklore Keep

After the "A Hero is Bored" quest you will end up in Oaklore Keep, a small keep built around a great oak tree. There is a weapons shop (Main Screen, Right) with both regular and D.A. only items where you buy your first weapons. Also, there is a shop where you exchange special books (Main Screen, Left) you go on quests for items. If you go up the main entrance (Into the Oak Tree) you'll get to a table shaped like a "pactogon" (PacMan Shape) and the Pactogonal Knights standing around it. If you go to the left of the Main Screen, you get to two guys and a catapult you can choose to do a quest there, or go on into the healing wing and do that quest. To the right of the Main Screen, are 2 screens. The first, includes the inn where you can eat to regain health, or go out on a quest. The next screen is pointless mean jokes screen. 

Beginning Rolith

To tell Rolith the priestesses message you must first become level 3 this is fairly easy as all you have to do is complete a couple quests. We suggest starting with the quest at the bottom of your screen after leaving the keep. After telling the priestesses message, you go on a quest, which once completed, leads you to Falconreach.

GETTING TO FALCONREACH: When you are around levels 6 and 7 go on the quest to the right of your screen after leaving the keep. Continue right until you come to a blue moglin and sleeping bear. The blue moglin will advise you not to wake up the bear then as you start to pass he will wake up the bear. Then you must fight the bear. After killing the bear you reach a bridge in the middle of the bridge you will begin calling for a serpent at first you think it won't come then three heads pop up and you enter a battle mode. (Hint click on the question mark after an enemies name to view their stats weaknesses and strengths if the monster likes one element use the opposite element. Fire-Water Light-Dark Water-Electricity etc.) after defeating the monster you will come to the town of Falconreach the place where most of the game takes place.

Once in Falcoreach

Go to the health and mana potion shops while in Falconreach and train your mana and health potions to your current level so they will heal more efficiently.

Warning: No higher than your current level and be sure to "Gather Reagents" first.

There's lots more to do in Falconreach, and we cannot advise you on the numerous quests that take place, or branch out from this haven.

The Orb Saga

The orb Saga:

Wind- Complete all quests in the Shadow of the Wind village.

Light- Complete all quests in the Sandsea

Darkness- Complete all quests in Doom Wood

Ice- Complete all quests in Dragesvard

Energy- Complete all quests in Prop Sprocket

Water- Complete all quests in the Locker

Fire- Complete all fire war quests in Battleon

Stone- Talk to Guardian Fortuna

Nature- Go to Warlic's Zone and talk to Warlic about the Nature Orb. 

Finally you will end up on a series of quests to defeat Sepulchure who has all but one of the 8 (yes 8) elemental orbs (apperently all you need is seven orbs, not necessarily one of each not including bacon which there are now 8 of ... )

Elemental Dissonance: 

The darkness orb has been weakened!

Places In Lore

OAKLORE: A fortress built around a gargantuan oak tree. Home of the Pactagonal Knights and their captain Rolith.

FALCONREACH: The main town, home of the heroes, also includes: Lim's Weapon Shop, Serenity's Inn, Cysero's Shop, Gran's (Now Aria's) Pet Shop, AND the Falconreach Guardian Tower!

SOUTH FALCONREACH: The south part of the main town with the barbers, the theater and the COOK SHOP!

DRAGONGRASP: The airborne stronghold of the order of Dragon Lords. Now above Falconreach. 

RIVERINE KEEP: AKA the 100 Room Dungeon.

WILLOWSHIRE: An old stronghold of the guardians, now being attacked by a giant fire breathing pest.

SHADOW OF THE WIND VILLAGE: The not-so-secret ninja training grounds. 

OSPREY COVE: To the south of the Shadow of the Wind Village on the isle of Sho'nuff live the pirates: natural mortal enemy to the ninja. 

SANDSEA: A cruel desert with a scorching sun, presided over by the evil Sek Duat XV.

DRAGESVARD: A giant city nestled in a HUMONGOUS glacier. Home to Galanoth; dragon slayer extrodinare. 

LYMCREST: A dwarven mining town near Warlic's Zone.

SUREWOULD FOREST: A forest to the east of Falconreach. Home to Robina.

MOONRIDGE:  A merchant friendly town along a busy trade route. Home of Blackwyn tomb. 

THE NECROPOLIS: Where paladin Artix fights all his undead foes (also home to the super secret entrance to the underworld of Lore.)

WARLIC'S TENT: The home of Warlic the blue mage and evil Nyertha.

VETROCHE CROSSING: A quaint travelers village where you can stop and relax on your journeys. 

HUNTER'S PARADISE: An inn in Doomwood.

AMITYVALE: A little town nestled inside Doomwood.

THE LOCKER: Far beneath the waves of Falconreach Bay lies the Locker, a town built of old shipwrecks.

AERIS BATTLESPIRE: The PVP arena for Dragon Fable.

PROPSPROCKET: The floating city built by gnomes (full of surprises). 

SUNBREEZE GROVE: We remember and love you Celestia, Rest In Peace. The old home of the now deceased priestess: Lady Celestia. The go-to spot for all your dragon (and tea) needs. 

*Please note that more areas have cropped up in the exciting Dragonfable world and this list may not be up to date.