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Dragon Amulet

WHAT IS A DRAGON AMULET? A dragon amulet is a special add-on membership to dragon fable. It unlocks new quests and items, and allows you to fully unlock your dragon.


1) Go into your account.

2) Click on the character you want to buy a Dragon Amulet for.

3) At the top of the options is a picture of a dragon amulet. Click this.

4) Follow upgrade instructions.


DA owners are entitled to the DA ONLY server. Go to the bottom of the page, when playing, and click the yellow words DA ONLY SERVER, this will take you to a less glitchy add-free server. It also ensures the server will not slow do to too many users.

Dragon Amulet


Bonuses With Dragon Amulet

The best bonus with the dragon amulet is the amulet-only game server a much faster not to mention ad-free game server. You also get the use of items that require a dragon amulet, (they will either have a picture of a dragon amulet in the back of the information box or will say, "this item requires a dragon amulet"). You will also gain access to certain "barrier protected" areas in dragon fable.

Guardian Membership:

The second purchasable bonus in dragon fable is not in dragon fable at all. If you buy the guardian membership in adventure quest ( www.battleon.com ) and then enter your guardian account user name and password into a special box on dragon fable link-here ( http://www.dragonfable.com/df-guardian.asp ) you will get guardian armor on dragon fable and the ability to enter the guardian shop that will open up after you complete the quest in Willowshire. As well as other bonuses such as the guardian armor. Although, you have to train the armor to it's full potential before it becomes powerful.

Dragon Coins

Before investing in dragon coins buy an Amulet and wait six months because after having a Dragon Amulet for six months you get a major discount instead of 9.00 for 500 dragon coins it is 3.50 for 500. It is definitely worth the investment and unlocks the best weapons and other things.

 Dragon Coins

Other Items to Buy

In Dragon Fable, and other games by Battleon Games and Artix Entertainment, there are other items to be bought with real currency. One such item is the NECROTIC SWORD OF DOOM. You receive this weapon, with a purchase of over 5,000 Dragon Coins.

Other items you can buy are found on Hero-Mart <http://www.heromart.com/> this is Battleon Games/Artix Entertainment's own retail site. You can buy anything from moglin plushes, to UNDEAD SLAYER TWO-PLY TOILET PAPER! You can see this ad between acts on Falconreach Idol! [Go down one screen from Falconreach, and go right until you reach a building with two drama masks on go inside.]

Pro's and Con's Of Amulet


 It is a good plus to the game.

It helps you get levels easier.

Allows you to do special things.



 There is not enough bonus for those with the dragon coins and amulet.

The amulet gets less recognition then it should.