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As you probably know many quests in Dragon Fable are a little tricky, what you may not know is how to complete them.

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Pactagonal Knight's Task - Text Walkthrough

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This quest is probably the most confusing in Dragon Fable. It adds a score-bar and a text entrance box, which you must use throughout the quest.

There are several commands that must be typed in to complete the quest. Hit "enter" to get the text entrance box, and "enter" again to send the message.

1) When you first enter the quest, you go through a short tutorial of the commands, to review the commands at any time, press "enter" type in "commands" and hit "enter" again. A list of all the commands and what they do will pop up.

2) Go right one screen, and go up to the stump on the right. Hit "enter" type in "what stump" and hit "enter" a text box will appear telling you that there is a square crank in a hollow in the stump.

3) Hit "enter" type in "take crank" and hit "enter" you will then have the crank in your inventory, which you can check at any time by typing "enter | inventory | enter"

4) Go up one screen next to a big boulder, hit "enter" type in "what boulder" and hit "enter" again. A text box will appear telling you the boulder rolled aside revealing an ORANGEGEM. 

5) Hit "enter" type in "take orangegem" and hit "enter" you now have an orangegem.

6) Go left one screen, you will see a cannonball, go over to it and hit "enter" type in "take cannonball" you now have a cannonball.

7) Go left another screen and you'll see a well, go over to the well and hit "enter" type in "use crank on well" and hit "enter" a text box will appear telling you there was a bluegem in the bucket, which has been placed in your inventory.

8) Go right one screen and go up one screen, but do NOT engage the tog in battle. Hit "enter" type in "use bluegem on tog" and hit "enter" this will automatically put you in battle mode, but will also decrease the tog's HP to normal.

9) Go left one screen, you will see a cannon, go over to it, hit "enter" and type "use cannonball in cannon" the cannon will blast the wall of the cave open, and you can go inside.

10) Go into the cave (left one screen) there is a pinkgem at the middle of the room, but it is tricky to get it, as this part of the quest is VERY glitchy, you will eventually get it, however. 

11) Go back to the scene with the well (right 2, down 1, left 2) and go one left. Hit "enter" and type "use pinkgem on tog" defeat the tog.

12) Go up one screen, hit "enter" and type "use orangegem on tog" defeat the tog.

13) Hit "enter" and type "take jar of flies" which will be added to your inventory.

14) Go down two screens (avoid the red tog) and go right one screen, hit "enter" and type "use jar of flies" a big frog will jump out of nowhere, and exchange you a redgem for the flies.

15) Go left one screen, hit "enter" type in "use redgem on tog" defeat the tog.

16) YOU WIN!!!!!

Monster Breakout - Text Walkthrough


Monster Breakout, takes place in the ZOO. You must KO (defeat) all the monsters to be able to get them back in their cages. Remember to continue going to the edges of the cages before leaving. A part of this quest takes place outside the zoo, and inside town. Do not forget these animals. 

Dragon Egg Saga: Part 1 - Text Walkthrough

See D.F.H. video walkthrough at  http://www.youtube.com/user/DragonFableHints?feature=mhee

This probably does not require a walkthrough. Mainly you just click for the next dialogue bubble to continue the storyline. The gist of it is a dragon is transporting a priestess and Twilly who have a black dragon box to Oaklore.

Basically all you have to do is fight a gorillaphant to save the priestess. This does not require much skill although for first-timers it will take some time.

The next quest cannot be unlocked until you are level 3+ so I suggest killing some sneevils. Have fun at Oaklore because you won't be there forever. 

Dragon Egg Saga: Part 2 - Text Walkthrough

In this quest you must protect the priestess and her Black Dragon Box against Prince Drakath. He comes in with two thugs and you must battle him. As with Part 1 this does not require much skill but may be hard for lower-level players.

Dragon Egg Saga: Part 3 - Text Walkthrough

To reach this quest you must do two things. 1) Reach Falconreach, and 2) Complete a few quests for Robina in Surewould Forest. Once these quests are done, you have a little talk with Robina and just as you're about to get the box, Drakath shows up with a pet Kraken and you must fight him. Again this isn't quite hard, but harder than the first two. In the end your best bet is to target the Kraken first because he's inflicting more damage, and then focus on killing Drakath. For lower-level players this may take some time. 

Dragon Egg Saga: Part 4 - Text Walkthrough

For this one you "talk" to Valencia a treasure hunter to find out where the Sneevil Dumpsite is. You go through a quest with some monsters (there is a healing pad near the end) and then finally get to the Dragon Egg the contents of the box. 

Before you get it a Vultragon will steal the egg causing the next quest.

Dragon Egg Saga: Part 5 - Text Walkthrough

This quest has a series of teleporting doors with you must fight your way through in order to get to the boss: a mama Vultragon. After defeating the boss you realize the Vultragon has 5 eggs in its nest and only one is the dragon egg. That's where Warlic comes in. 

Dragon Egg Saga: Part 6 - Text Walkthrough

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