Dragon Fable Hints

Dragon Fable Hints: Home of the HEALTH RESTORE!

Beginning the Saga: A hero is bored

Welcome to Lore, today's activity is dragon slaying. 

When you enter the game, a title appears. It says: "A hero is Born - Bored" Born is crossed out and Bored is put in. You will be looking over a cliff and a red dragon shows up. You prepare yourself for battle, but then a priestess (and Twilly) climb up the dragons back and walk off. The dragon tells you he has promised the priestess (Lady Celestia) that he will not eat you. In his head, he thinks he should to save both of you some stress in 25 levels.

You walk into the next panel and hear a cry for help, and a red moglin (Twilly) is thrown into your screen. You can chose to join him, or punt him (which hits the monster's face). Eventually however, you must slay a Gorillaphant (a grey tusked beast). To save the priestess. She will give you a message to give to Rolith in Oaklore Keep. She will then walk off.

Next, Meet Drakath

You must be level three to relay the priestess' message to Rolith. When you do, it will initiate a quest where you fight Drakath, the heir to the dark throne which his master Sepulchure has stolen. Unfortunately, you do not get the box after defeating him, it will be stolen by a sneevil. 

The next quest must be unlocked in Falconreach (See Beginning the Journey for more info on how to get there). In Falconreach, go to the right and twice more then go into the Surewould Forest talk to Robina (the girl sitting on the boxes). She will ask you to do a couple of quests and in return give you the Black Dragon Box. Before she is able to give you the box, Drakath shows up with a pet Kracken.  At the end you discover the contents (dragon egg) has been dumped out at the Sneevil dumpsite...



To continue the saga, talk to Valencia to the right of Surewood Forest (That-A-Way). She will give you the location of the secret Sneevil dumpsite.You must fight your way through the dump site. In the end you find a Vultragon has stolen the egg and you must fight you're way to it's nest in order to get it.

Valencia also knows where the secret mating grounds of the Vultragon's lies. You must fight your way through a system of telaporting doors to fight the boss monster. 


You recover 5 eggs (actually 6 but one breaks) from the Vultragon, the question is, which one is the Dragon Egg? To find out you must summon an evil monster (Doom Kitty) to dispel the illusion. But, you must be careful, because the Monster will try to eat the dragon egg. To summon the Doom Kitty, you need several rare items found near Warlic's Zone. These items include wind catnip, and fire string. You must get these items before summoning the doom kitty. 

When you do summon the doom kitty, it will show you which egg is the real one, and then you must fight it as it will try to eat the Dragon Egg. 

 http://dfwiki.com/images/thumb/e/e0/Doomkitty.png/180px-Doomkitty.png*Meow* It begins to purr.

 Doom Kitty (above)


Go to Twilly in Falconreach to complete the saga. There will be a quest to customize your dragon egg affecting what dragon hatches then a short custanance seen.

Sunbreze Grove: Elysia

Go to Sunbreeze Grove and talk to Lady Celestia. She will give you quests to train your dragon better. Her apprentice Elysia will give you a quest called primal dragon skills. Warning 20,000 gold piece upgrade fee. 


(suggested quests for gold, bounty hunting [talk to Robina], and Ballyhoo.)

NOTE: Your egg of choice varies what your dragon will look like, and is unchangeable (along with the dragon's name) but, if you go to Sunbreze Grove, you can still customize your dragon to your liking and chose its element. These options can be changed at any point in the game.